Hardwood flooring is a timeless choice

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on hardwood flooring, a popular and enduring choice for homeowners seeking elegance and durability. Wood floors offer a unique blend of natural beauty and practicality, making them a top choice for various settings, from traditional to contemporary homes. Read on to learn more about the advantages of hardwood floors and why they may be perfect for your next project.

Solid wood vs. engineered wood flooring


When shopping for hardwood flooring, it's crucial to understand the differences between solid and engineered wood flooring.

  • Solid wood flooring: This traditional form of hardwood flooring is crafted from a single piece of wood. It is renowned for its authenticity, longevity, and the ability to be sanded and refinished several times. Solid wood floors are ideal for living areas, bedrooms, and hallways, providing a timeless appeal. However, they are sensitive to changes in humidity and are not recommended for basements or over concrete slabs.
  • Engineered wood flooring: Engineered hardwood is a more versatile option, consisting of a thin layer of hardwood bonded over a high-quality plywood substrate. This construction makes engineered wood less susceptible to warping and shrinking, making it suitable for a wider range of environments, including basements and over radiant heating systems. While it can be sanded and refinished, the number of times is limited compared to solid wood.

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Benefits of hardwood floors


Hardwood flooring isn't just about aesthetics; it offers a host of benefits that make it a wise investment:

  • Durability and longevity: Wood floors are known for their strength and durability. They can last over 100 years with proper care, outliving many other flooring options.
  • Timeless beauty: The natural patterns and colors of wood bring warmth and elegance to any space. Hardwood floors also offer great versatility in design, fitting seamlessly into various interior styles.
  • Increases home value: Homes with hardwood flooring often have a higher resale value compared to other types of flooring. Hardwood is a sought-after feature for homebuyers.
  • Easy to clean: Hardwood floors are relatively easy to keep clean. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with a wood cleaner are all that's needed to maintain their luster.
  • Healthier indoor air quality: Unlike carpets, wood floors do not harbor allergens, dust, or pet dander, making these floors an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Eco-friendly option: Wood is a natural, renewable resource. Many manufacturers now source wood from certified sustainable forests, making hardwood flooring an environmentally responsible choice.

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Hardwood flooring is an outstanding investment for any home. Whether you choose solid wood for its classic appeal and longevity or engineered wood for its adaptability and stability, you are making a choice that combines beauty, durability, and practicality. Visit Willow Floors to explore the various options and find the perfect hardwood flooring to complement your home's style and needs. Our showroom in Plano, TX, serves Frisco, TX, Plano, TX, McKinney, TX, Prosper, TX, Allen, TX, and Celina, TX. Call today!